Demet Özdemir on Can Yaman: 'He Is Full of Values and I Love Him Very Much'

Published October 20th, 2020 - 06:58 GMT
Demet Özdemir on Can Yaman: 'He Is Full of Values and I Love Him Very Much'

Turkish artist Demet Özdemir confirmed that currently she is not in love, despite the gossip and news that spread in media, adding that she has her moments in love and she cannot hide it, but there is no one in her life right now.

Özdemir, 28, told during an interview with the Italian TV show Verissimo that there is no mandatory decision for her to become a mother, but she would like it, wishing to be a happy and peaceful mother when that happens.

Demet Özdemir on Can Yaman

The Turkish beauty revealed the nature of relationship with her fellow artist and co-star Can Yaman, saying that they are just friends, and their friendship is excellent.

She added that their journey together  was wonderful throughout the series Erkenci Kus "The Early Bird", wishing him a rich and ambitious career.

Demet explained that Can Yaman is full of values, and she loves him very much, even if they do not see each other often, but he's someone she usually cares about.

Özdemir pointed out that the role she played in "The Early Bird" series might be similar to her actual character.

"I was a dreamer like Sanem, and this might be part of the success. I have embodied the character well.. My mother is the one who gives me the courage. Whatever I am, I truly owe her."

She also confirmed that acting was not her "first love" as she described it. Rather, dancing has been her passion since she was fifteen years old, and that she has undergone several trainings, but she does not think that dancing will be her only profession.

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