Diary of a mad Arab woman: Mohammed Assaf broke Zein Al Masri's heart

Published April 15th, 2015 - 02:50 GMT

Remember several months ago when rumors were circulating that Zein Al Masri was about to take Palestine's golden boy off the market? Mohammed Assaf still hasn't announced any plans of walking down the aisle any time soon, and here may be why.

Zein recently surfaced on social media and confirmed that she won't be claiming the coveted titled of Mrs. Assaf. In fact, she's no longer even a fan of the Arab Idol winner. Apparently, the handsome artist is a heart-breaker, but we already knew that didn't we?!

The Twitter newbie posted this cryptic embittered message to her page, "Media is showing you as a lightening star when you are really a dark scar.”

"If you don’t have the guts to make your own decision, then you need to get away and take a nap,” she added.

Attempting to unpack this social media post, Al Jaras magazine attempted to contact her, but she allegedly wouldn't open up on the subject because she's just not ready yet. Her friends, however, came to the informant rescue and dished that Zein was massively hurt by Assaf, whom they said broke up with her because of his mom. 

Her friends confirmed that Assaf had visited her parents to ask for her hand, and even threw a celebratory party after they had given their consent.

His parents, however, were not so easy to persuade. Zein's friends slipped that his mother asked him not to get engaged as girls would take her son away from her.

The gabby girls also alluded that their pal wasn't the only gal left heartbroken by the singer.

Assaf hasn't officially commented on the subject, but Al Jaras magazine did manage to get a screen shot of a chat between him and his friends in a secret group where he said, “They tried to blackmail me. They lack discipline and ethics for opening an old subject like this one. Everyone has moved on, and I will not mention the reasons as I have good ethics.”

He also added “I will keep quiet as neither my religion nor ethics allow me to speak about people's private lives, and am saying this only to you. Please don’t publish that on media.”

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