Did Paula Abdul Undergo Plastic Surgery on her Jaw?

Published October 4th, 2019 - 06:31 GMT
Paula Abdul has had plastic surgery on her jaw. (AFP)
Paula Abdul has had plastic surgery on her jaw. (AFP)
Paula Abdul went under the knife to achieve a sleek jaw'.

Paula Abdul has had plastic surgery on her jaw.

The 57-year-old singer has admitted she went under the knife for a more chiseled chin because she didn't like what "gravity" had done to her mouth and neck area.

Speaking on the 'Wendy Williams Show', Paula said she found a company that does a procedure called "face tight and body tight", which is "minimally invasive."

She explained: "What I loved about it is it's minimally invasive. No noticeable scars. I was walking around two or three days later."

Wendy asked: "What did you get tightened?"'

And the former 'American Idol' Judge replied: "Skin elasticity - you know it's gravity. So I wanted a little sleeker jawline.

"So it's radio frequency laser technique. You can get numbed or if you're a wimp like me they can give you an Ativan [an anti-anxiety drug]."

The brunette beauty thought the procedure took "about an hour".

She added: "But I don't remember, being a little loopy.

"But what I love about it is there's no visible scars, no big incisions."

Although Paula takes her health and appearance very seriously, she didn't mind cuddling up to Taylor Swift's cats Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button for a photograph earlier this year - even though she's allergic to the fluffy felines' fur.

She said at the time: "She was there with her cats, so we took a picture together...

"I'm allergic to cats! I love cats, but I've tried allergy shots. Certain dogs I'm allergic to as well."

However, luckily Paula didn't suffer from any symptoms after the photograph and now she's wondering whether she's as allergic to cats as she thought she was.

She explained: "I'm thinking maybe I'm not as allergic as I used to be, because I did fine."

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