Didem Soydan Reportedly Kicked Burak Deniz Out of Her Home and the Police Paid Them a Visit.. Check Out Her Tweets

Published February 11th, 2021 - 12:19 GMT
Didem Soydan Reportedly Kicked Burak Deniz Out of Her Home the Police Paid Them a Visit.. Check Out Her Tweets

Didem Soydan is allegedly jealous.

Multiple Turkish magazines have reported that Turkish model Didem Soydan was so jealous when her boyfriend Turkish actor Burak Deniz underwent a romantic photoshoot with fellow actress in Maraşlı series, Alina Boz for the Valentine issue of Şamdan Plus magazine.


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They added that Soydan's reaction was hysterical after pictures were released.

It was reported that Didem kicked Burak when he arrived at her home in Nişantaşı, Istanbul, then he broke into the house to try explain everything to Didem and to defend himself, but meanwhile the neighbors called the police because of the noise.


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The reports added that once the police has arrived, Burak Deniz's best friend Umut Eker intervened to resolve the dispute.

According to the neighbors, when Umut tried to calm Didem, she told him while shouting: 'Burak could not leave the character he embodies even outside the set, he acts intimately with Alina.'


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The Turkish model didn't stay silent and responded to those reports in a series of tweets.

At first she described the piece of news as 'bla bla bla' and pointed out that the amount of lying is exaggerative. Then she added: 'The most exciting thing is that when you write unproven news, then when you are sued.'

In another tweet, Soydan said that every line and every word of the report is a lie, adding: 'You are accustomed to writing lies under the name of news and not under your name.'


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Then she told whoever was behind that false report to be creative in their next lie because they will not stop making up stories, then she described them for having "small visions" and mocked them saying that she cannot be jealous after working in modeling for 17 years.

In her final tweet, Didem said that it is easy to reach the person who makes up lies in this business, and this can be done in one phone call.

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