Dina’s resignation in the hands of her son

Published February 15th, 2012 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian controversial belly dancer Dina stated that the matter of her resignation from her career is in the hands of her son and not anyone else, especially not the Muslim Brotherhood who have risen to the political scene by winning the majority of votes in Parliament.


Dina stressed that she does not intend on ever resigning even if the new Islamic based government demanded her to do so. She said that dancing is her life and her profession and she does not know how to do anything else. She added that the only way she would consider quitting is if her only son asked her to do so, stressing at the same time that he would never make such a request.


With regards to the interference of Islamists in the entertainment world, Dina stated that no one can predict what the future holds, and the Muslim Brotherhood had previously said they would not interfere in the entertainment world but no one can be sure of that.


According to the internet website MBC.net, Dina stressed that the fear lies with the extremist that are part of religious parties who feel it their responsibility to purify the land and consider everything like art, tourism and democracy a sin. She added that such extremist are using uncivil means to implement their beliefs and impose what they think is right.


Dina revealed that on her recent trip to Dubai, and extremist had sat next to her on the plane and harshly told her she should quit because if she dies while still a dancer she will burn in hell.



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