Dina innocent of sexual harassment charges

Published February 21st, 2007 - 09:33 GMT

A verdict was made by the department of judicial matters at the Egyptian Actor’s Union stating that Egyptian belly dancer Dina is innocent of all accusations made against her for sexual harassment.


The Union had interrogated Dina for dancing in the streets at the premier of her new film “Alia Al Tarab Biltalata.”, and causing a number of girls to be sexually harassed due the overcrowding of people.

The head of the Union claimed Dina’s interrogation was prompted by photographs of her dancing in an inappropriate manner in the street in front of the theatre leading to chaos.  The Union had asserted that this type of pubic display creates a bad image of actors and is an inappropriate way to promote a film.


The verdict made cleared Dina of all allegations made against her and specifically stated that the dancer was not present at the time when the sexual harassments were made. Dina had also stressed that she was not present during the time of the harassments.


The dancer added that the entire matter was overly exaggerated and even if she had danced outside the cinema house it does not mean that she is responsible for the sexual harassments that took place.


Dina had denied dancing in the streets and that she was even present at the first screening of the film, asserting that she did attend the second day of the film’s screening, but did not dance in the streets. She merely stood in front of the theater to greet moviegoers and fans, said Dina.


Dina recently appeared as a guest on an Egyptian television program based on revealing secrets about guest artists.  She denied circulating rumors that she is suffering from a life threatening illness and that she has been hiding her illness to protect her career.


The dancer also denied rumors about her intention to marry in the near future, stressing that these rumors are just attempts by individuals to ruin her image and cause tension between her and her only son.



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