Sultry belly-dancer Dina defends her apparently non-provocative recent film performance

Published November 2nd, 2013 - 05:10 GMT
Dina defended her film "Bulbul's Nest" against the harsh criticism it received from some people. (Image: Facebook)
Dina defended her film "Bulbul's Nest" against the harsh criticism it received from some people. (Image: Facebook)

Fans were harshly critical of Egyptian dancer Dina's performance in her recent movie “Ush El Bulbul” (Bulbul's Nest).

The belly-dancer was utterly disappointed by the harsh attacks, defending herself by claiming that her dance scenes weren't there just to “fill up time,” but rather were an important element in the turn of events.

She added hat her dancing was done in a tasteful, and not provocative, way as some have claimed.

According to, speaking about her Eid Al Adha movie, Dina said: “The film was a big hit at the Egyptian box office and it's still witnessing success and high profits. If some don't believe it, then perhaps they should go to the cinema and see the lines of people queuing up to watch the film for themselves. If it wasn't for the unstable conditions in Egypt, profits would have even doubled.”

As for the limited number of scenes she was actually given in the film, Dina stressed that she isn't after quantity, but rather the quality of the role she's playing.

Dina further denied rumors of disputes between her and co-star May Salim. The dancer revealed that she was originally offered May's role, but a later change in the script meant that Salim was given her role instead.

So much drama surrounded the film that even its director Ahmad Al Sabki was accused of sexually harassing one of the girls on the film's set.

Dina strongly defended Ahmad and said: “Ahmad is a man of God who is very respectable. No one can doubt his character and or accept such degrading accusations against him. He doesn't need my defense and I'm ashamed to defend a man who is above such actions in the first place.”

The film stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Saad Al Sughayyar, May Salim and Busi, and was written by Sayyed Al Sabki and directed by Hussam Al Jawhari.

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