Dina stimulated by the sound of music

Published October 19th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian belly-dancer Dina has finally accepted an offer by Egyptian director Majdi Ahmad Ali to star in his upcoming television drama series "Frisca", after long and intensive negotiations. Dina will be playing the role of a dance performer in the series marking her official return to dancing. 


The series is one of the many offers Dina has received since her return to the scene, and she has accepted to take part in three different works at the same time, wanting to mark her return with success, reported the London based magazine, Laha. The star of tabloids for the past year is also currently occupied with recording three new songs she is to sing in the new film “Idrees Ado El Police” (Idrees enemy of the Police). The new film will mark Dina’s first experience in singing and will also be her first leading role on the big screen alongside Waheed Seif, Rida Idrees, and Adel Al Far.  


Dina also revealed that she is preparing a number of different dance performances to be included in her upcoming new play “Hub Ala El Zero” (Love on Zero). The dancer stressed that her new dance performances are going to hold a big surprise in which her audience will surely enjoy. Dina announced her return to the entertainment world by starring in the play “Al Hub Ala El Zero” under the direction of Al Sayed Radi, ending all circulating rumors of her resignation.  


Dina has reached an agreement with an Egyptian publishing house after long and extensive negotiations to write her life’s memoirs. The dancer agreed that she will include the recent scandal she was involved in with her ex-husband in the book and promised to give every single minute detail from the moment the incident occurred. Dina also revealed that she will write about how the scandal affected her personal life and her career. Dina stressed that by doing this people will understand what happened from her point of view without judging her unfairly. She promised that nothing will be left out and the book will let readers know everything she went through.  


The decision of Dina to return to the acting world has led numerous rumors to rise, but this time not regarding her previous pornographic scandal with her ex-husband Hussam Abu El Futooh, instead they are about disputes with legendary Egyptian belly-dancer Fifi Abdo and Lebanese singer/actress Nicole Saba.  


It was rumored that Dina was the cause behind financial loses faced by Fifi, who had bought a play script from the same producer who is producing Dina’s new play, but no success was achieved causing Fifi to go into a rage. Dina stressed that she has nothing to do with Fifi’s failure and that her play is independent of Fifi’s and her only concert is that she meets the high expectations of her audience after her long absence.  


It was also rumored that Dina had strongly objected to having Nicole costar with her in the play, a matter which the dancer denied saying that Nicole’s name was never brought up as a candidate for the play. Dina added that all these rumors hold no truth to them and are just created to give her a hard time in her return to the scenes. –Albawaba.com  

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