Dina turns Yusra down

Published September 18th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian belly-dancer Dina has been receiving numerous offers to star in different acting jobs after she publicly announced her return to the entertainment world. Dina had turned down most offers she received on of which by Egyptian prominent actress Yusra. 


The director of Yusra’s upcoming TV drama series “Malik Rouhi” (Ruler of My Soul) had offered Dina a leading role alongside the prominent actress, but Dina refused the part saying she already made up her mind on which acting job she will make her debut in, reported the UAE based daily, Al Bayan. Dina announced her return to the entertainment world by starring in a new play “Al Hub Ala El Zero” (Love on Zero) under the direction of Al Sayed Radi, ending all circulating rumors of her resignation. Currently negotiations are underway with Egyptian actor Midhat Saleh and singer Mustafa Amr in the hope that one of them will accept the leading role alongside Dina.  


Rehearsals for the play are scheduled to begin in the upcoming few days as soon as an agreement is reached with the Nile Palace Theater, where the play is hoped to be shown. It was revealed that Lebanese former singer Nicole Saba will be costarring in the play along with a number of other Egyptian actors.  


Recently, Dina announced that so far she has gotten married five times, twice publicly and three times in secret. The dancer stressed that she finds no fault in secret marriage and is willing to do it for the fourth time if the situation calls for it. The dancer was held guest on the MBC satellite television "Ala Waraq" (On Paper), and revealed that the fact that she is a star makes marrying in secret more feasible, since she does not lead a normal life as other ordinary people do. She added that she prefers secret marriages for the fact that her past experiences with public marriages were not so successful especially when she first got married at the age of 17 to a colleague of hers and who put her through hell when she wanted a divorce. She revealed that the only way she got the divorce was after her father interfered and paid a large sum of money to her husband.  


The presenter of the show began asking Dina about her most recent incident with her ex-husband Hussam Abo El Futooh, whom the dancer was involved in a pornographic scandal with, a matter that made her shed tears of sorrow and regret. The dancer stressed that the biggest mistake of her life was marrying Hussam, and added that he had placed a condition on her to quit her career if she wanted him to publicly announce their marriage, which she refused and so settled to marry him in secrecy.  


Dina stressed that she never thought her marriage to Hussam would destroy her reputation and career in the manner it did, for the mere fact that she did not think a man would jeopardize his wife's reputation, but later on learned otherwise. Dina talked openly and freely to all the questions the presenter had, showing she has nothing to fear or hide. Dina announced in the interview that she has definitely quit her profession of a dancer and is focusing on being a businesswoman.  


Dina was amazed to see the amount of success her new boutique, which she opened in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Egypt Al Muhandiseen, has witnessed since the first day it opened. Dina had decided to open a new store, which features a large collection of Islamic wear for women, wanting to try out her luck in the business world.  


Dina had bought the boutique from actress Raja Al Jadawi and makes a point to spend a few hours every day. The main reason behind the success of the boutique is the fact that women come in to meet the dancer who has caused so much commotion around the Arab world.  


Some women come to the store because they think that Dina's financial status is very bad, and feel it is their religious duty to help her out in order to keep her on the right track and refrain from returning to her previous shameful profession of dancing.  


There are young women who come in order to meet the dancer and ask for help from her in order to introduce them to people in the entertainment world in the hope of becoming actresses or even dancers. But to their disappointment, they end up going home in the same manner they came in, since Dina always refuses to help women in that way. –Albawaba.com  

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