Disputes erupt between Hussein Fahmi and Mahmoud Abdul Aziz over Hala Shiha

Published August 4th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Hala Shiha has been witnessing ongoing success since her return to the acting world. Hala’s first role after her return was in the movie “Arees Min Jiha Amnieh” alongside prominent Egyptian comedian-actor Adel Imam, which had proven enormous success. 


According to the London based daily, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Hala’s participation in Adel’s film has led many producers and directors to seek her and numerous offers were being presented to her to choose from. Hala was shocked to learn that she has been the cause of a dispute to break out between prominent Egyptian actors Hussein Fahmi and Mahamoud Abdul Aziz. Both men had nominated Hala to star in their upcoming works and each were willing to go to great lengths to win her over. 


Hala revealed that she is in a real mess because she wants to accept both offers, since it’s a great opportunity for her to star alongside both actors. At the same time each had requested that she frees herself from all other works, a matter which will cause her to think hard of whom she will act alongside with, or try to come out with an appropriate plan to be able to accept both works.  


Recently, Shiha had finally decided to break her silence and answer back to all the rumors and accusations she has been faced with for the past year. Over a-year-and-a-half, the actress had decided to wear the Islamic headdress Hijab and take time off from her acting profession to place her back into perspective.  


Upon wearing the Hijab rumors broke out that Hala had resigned from the acting world and decided to never appear in front of the camera again. The actress denied the rumor stressing that she has reached enormous success and popularity and would never think of throwing it away. 


Another rumor was that Hala had runaway to Greece and was working as a waitress in a bar. Hala felt that answering such a rumor is in itself ridiculous and ignored it. The one rumor that Hala admitted to was her engagement to world famous Egyptian resigned squash player Ahmad Baradah. 


Hala revealed that she was in fact engaged to Ahmad but unfortunately things did not work out between them and they ended up breaking it off. Ahmad had recently announced that he intends to marry Hala in the very near future at a small wedding ceremony in one of his friends houses. Barada added that only a short list of people would attend the wedding party, due to the fact that he and Hala had wanted a small and cozy wedding. –Albawaba.com 

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