Dry spell no more for Goldie with Dubai gig tonight: Thanks for the tip, David Bowie!

Published October 17th, 2013 - 04:00 GMT
Goldie's got a gig at the Music Room tonight!
Goldie's got a gig at the Music Room tonight!

Drum'n'bass and jungle innovator Goldie has been a creative force for more than 20 years.

Not only is he a renowned DJ, but the man and his golden grille are recognisable to the non-clubbing mainstream crowd thanks to acting roles in James Bond films and Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’, as well as spots on Brit soap ‘EastEnders’ and reality TV shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

He’s also an artist, and tells 7DAYS ahead of his gig at The Music Room this Thursday that he has just completed ‘Lost Tribes’, a new collection of artwork that is due to debut in November.

However, even a hard-working musician, artist and producer like Goldie suffers creative dry spells. During one such period he was working with none other than the Starman himself, David Bowie. It was one of Goldie’s many collaborations - in the past he’s teamed up with Noel Gallagher and US rapper KRS One.

“Working with Bowie was amazing - he helped pull me out of a creative rut a few years back,” recalls Goldie. “He said, ‘If you make a pile of [rubbish] tomorrow, the one thing you have to understand is that you’ve made [1995 album] ‘Timeless’, and nobody can take that away from you. So do what you do, carry on and reinvent yourself.”

Taking Bowie’s words to heart, Goldie shows no sign of slowing his tempo.

“My wife tells me I’m insatiable, and I’ve just got to keep going. I’ve not done what I want to do yet - I’ve not achieved what I need to achieve, to be honest, but I’m getting there,” he says. “Musically, I’m currently working on my next solo album. I’ve been collaborating with some amazing artists, such as Burial, Flying Lotus and Photek - hopefully that will be completed some time next year. I’ve also been working on a completely notated version of ‘Timeless’, with an 80-piece orchestra and choir.”

A regular visitor to Dubai, Goldie is back playing with MC LowQui as part of the Globalfunk set at The Music Room this Thursday. Doors open 9pm. For more info, see facebook.com/GlobalFunkDXB

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