Dominique Hourani gives up custody of her only daughter to get divorced!

Published February 24th, 2014 - 05:00 GMT

In an unexpected move, Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani revealed that she gave up the custody of her daughter “Dilara” to her husband Alireza Almassi in order to get divorced from him. Although their little one lives with her Daddy, the Iranian-Dutch ex-hubby allows her to see her Mum at any time she pleases.

Dominique, Almassi and their daughter all reside in the UAE within very close proximity from one another, where Domonique enrolled Dilara at one of the private schools in the area, according to

Dominique denied giving up any of the assets Almassi had given her while they were married, and noted that she only hopes he is honest about allowing her to see Dilara at any time she pleases, without causing her any problems.

Dominique noted that despite the fact that Almassi was madly in love with her, and was a very jealous husband, their marriage had reached a dead end for they could be nothing more than just friends. She added that they had rushed into marriage, which was a very wrong step to make.

Dominique said that she doesn’t intend on getting involved with another man at the moment, especially since she’s a very hard person to please. Dominique admitted that many men are asking for her hand in marriage, but she wants to wait for the right person to fall madly in love with before rushing into marriage again.

Rumor did have it however that Dominique is deeply in love with someone and wouldn't mind tying the knot for a third time.

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