Dylan Sprouse was a bully and beat other kids

Published March 9th, 2023 - 01:14 GMT
Dylan Sprouse was a bully and beat other kids
Sprouse was on Call Her Daddy podcast

ALBAWABA - Cole Sprouse just revealed that his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse was a bully to the other kids in school. 

During an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast with host Alex Cooper, Cole Sprouse shared a revelation regarding his twin brother Dylan. 

Being child actors, the twins were always in the spotlight, they grew up starring in Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and acted alongside Adam Sandler's Big Daddy, and they were also featured in the American sitcom, Friends. 

While Sprouse was on Call Her Daddy podcast, he shared that none of the other kids cared that the siblings were actors, but they still didn't have the best time in school because Dylan was "a huge bully."

"Our navigation through elementary school and middle school, we were like f**king d**ks, but Dylan."

He then went on to share details about how his brother was a bully sharing, "He would beat them up, and then I became known as the twin that would come up and be like 'I'm so sorry for my brother' everyone knows that he was a bully."

"I was not a good kid, and I was always in trouble. And I was dealing with a lot of stuff at home that I was bringing to school and taking out on other people."

"And it wasn’t until I was kind of … in a nurturing environment where I became a much better person, for lack of a better way to describe it. … In high school, I was a very, very different person than I am now.”

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