Ed Sheeran Releases New Rock 'n' Roll-Inspired Music Video

Published July 9th, 2019 - 08:37 GMT
Ed Sheeran
The clip doesn't feature Sheeran
The clips was released on Monday

Ed Sheeran released on Monday a new rock 'n' roll-inspired music video for his new song titled "BLOW" featuring Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton.

The clip doesn't feature Sheeran, Mars or Stapleton and instead stars an all-female rock group that stands in for the singers.

Three members of the group grab the microphone and sing as Sheeran, Mars and Stapleton while performing for an excited crowd at The Viper Room in Los Angeles.


"I'm feeling like a bullet jumping out a gun/ I'm feeling like a winner, I feel like the one/ You're doing something to me, you're doing something strange/ Well jump back, talk to me, woman/ You make me wanna make a baby, baby," Sheeran sings on the track.

Sheeran also kept himself hidden in his recent music video for "Beautiful People" featuring Khalid.

The video only briefly starred Sheeran and Khalid as it instead focused on a normal, everyday couple who get whisked away into a life enjoyed by the rich and famous.

"BLOW" and "Beautiful People" will appear on Sheeran's new album titled No.6 Collaborations Project which arrives on Friday. The release centers around Sheeran teaming up with other artists on each track including Justin Biebr  on "I Don't Care."

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