Egypt's banned October War film given green light after 12 years in the dark

Published October 11th, 2012 - 05:49 GMT
Egyptian film 'Wall of Heroism' is finally hitting cinemas after a 12 year ban
Egyptian film 'Wall of Heroism' is finally hitting cinemas after a 12 year ban

After a 12-year-ban, the Egyptian movie “Wall of Heroism” will finally be introduced to public next month.

In telling the story of the October 6 War, the film focuses on the role of the Egyptian air defense forces, which apparently did not appeal to the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak. The movie was unblocked after it was approved by a special committee designed by the armed forces. 

Egyptian actress Ghada Ibrahim, who took part in the film, said she was “happy” the film was allowed to go on the big screen. Ibrahim told Al Arabiya that the film is one of the strongest movies that recorded “true stories and facts” about the successes of the “glorious war.” 

“I was happy to know that the movie is unblocked, as I consider it an exceptional step in my career life,' she said.

Ibrahim said Mubarak’s regime banned the movie for the past 12 years because it did not focus enough on the first air strike, which was led by Mubarak when he was commander of the Air Force. 

Other reports suggest that the movie was banned because it did not focus on the role of the armed forces as a whole.

The movie, Ibrahim told Al Arabiya, concentrated on the massacre of Bahr-el-Bakar village, where an Israeli raid on a school killed about 30 children. 

The film features prominent Egyptian actors including Mahmoud Yassine, Farouk al-Fishawi, Hanan Turk, Khaled Al-Nabawi, Aida Abdul-Aziz, Majdi Kamel and Nada Bassiouni.


Why do you think 'Wall of Heroism' was banned? And, how important is it for the public to see films like this? Leave us your comments below!



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