Egypt to Shoot Movie on Arab-Israeli Conflict

Published November 8th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

In retaliation against the current array of Israeli movies about the Arab/Israeli conflict, Egypt’s Ministry of Culture has decided to produce its own films, reported Al Sharq El Awsat newspaper. 

The London based daily said that the decision, made by Salah Hasb El Nabi, the head of Egypt’s Film Production sector, has decided to form a committee comprised of director Tawfiq Saleh, presenter Dariah Sharafeddine, writer Mahmoud Amin and various other intellectuals to deal with the subject in hand. 

The suggestions for the movie’s main theme have come in, and some are being seriously considered. 

One idea was to base the film on the murder of Father Tuma, who was killed by a number of Jewish Rabii’s in the mid 19th century.  

The Jewish Rabiis drank the Priest’s blood after they had mixed some of it with some religious pastries. 

However, most of the committee members did not get excited over the idea, citing that they do not want to give the Arab/Israeli conflict a set ‘religious’ theme.  

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Production Company decided to hold a meeting before the end of the current month, November, to discuss the suggestions of how to speed up the Ministry of Culture’s action regarding this subject. – 

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