The Egyptian ‘What about your Oscar’ journalist strikes again: French edition!

Published April 3rd, 2016 - 01:42 GMT
Leo's face after being asked the confusing question! (YouTube)
Leo's face after being asked the confusing question! (YouTube)

The Egyptian journalist who became an Internet joke after famously asking Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio "What about your Oscar," has struck again!

You'd think after Shaimaa Abdel Moniem's very public blunder she would have invested in an intensive English Language Course, but the answer is no.

This week, she was back on the field and on the lookout for more famous people to confuse with her “incomprehensible” questions.

It's unclear where this interview with a French sportsman took place, but its content is classic Shaimaa.

Testing out her trilingual (Arabic, English and French) skills on the unsuspecting gentleman, Shaimaa attempted to find out his thoughts on a match that had just taken place.

And what better way to do it than to ask him the question in broken French/English?

"What is your 'punition' (French for punishment) on the game?" she asked, while what she really meant to say was "opinion."

With a confused tone, his answer was "there is no punishment." Surprised, she asked why he has no "punition" on the game, to which he responded, "please ask me the question in French."

Lost in translation, Shaimaa told the camera in Arabic that "he has no opinion on the match," adding that "he is joking with me and refuses to tell me what he thinks of it, but I'm going to try again."

If that was bad, things were about to get even more awkward! 

Feeling trapped, the sportsman called out for help from his Captain, before turning to Shaimaa and saying (in French), "I don't understand."

Then, the unexpected happened: Shaimaa asked him in FRENCH, "Do you speak French?"

OMG! Did she really just ask a Frenchman if he can speak his own language? I rest my case.

Watch the hilarious interview below!

Egyptian Reporter strikes again Thx u la elak Georges Mouawad

Posted by Lebanese Memes on Sunday, 3 April 2016

In March, the young arts journalist at the privately-owned newspaper Youm7, became a trending topic and the face of many memes after this conversation took place at the Academy Awards:

“I’m a first Egyptian journalist covering Oscars from here, and what about the first Oscars for you?” Abdel Moneim asked DiCaprio, who looked confused as he asked the journalist to repeat the question.

“For your Oscar,” the journalist said. “Yeah, it feels amazing” DiCaprio replied, with laughs resounding in the room, mocking the obvious question.

“It’s a first, what about that?” she said again. “Yeah, it is the first. Look, like I said, I’m just incredibly grateful. Thank you,” DiCaprio answered.  

By Arwad Khalifeh

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