Egyptian Actor Mohamed Ramadan is Angry at Sisi

Published August 16th, 2017 - 01:47 GMT
Mohamed Ramadan in his car with his brother. (Instagram)
Mohamed Ramadan in his car with his brother. (Instagram)

Mohamed Ramadan may be an action hero, but now he’s also the hero of our hearts.

The actor, whose most recent film was the critically acclaimed Arrest Letter, let Egyptian President el-Sisi know in no uncertain terms that Sisi would have to check his-self before he wrecks his-self.

“Dear President of the Republic, Head of the Armed Forces, and Patron of the People and the Army,” said Ramadan in a Facebook post. “All my celebrity colleagues and Egypt’s rich businesspeople were invited during official holidays to have the honour to meet you, except for me! And I, jealously, ask, ‘Why not me?’ Is it because I’m younger? Or is it because I’m more popular?”

Sisi is a tyrant who marked his first month in office by giving the go-ahead on the August 2013 Rabaa massacre, which saw the deaths of 1000 people; his first year alone was the “worst for human rights in Egypt,” according to the Egypt Human Rights Monitor.

But hey, enjoy meeting him, Mohamed Ramadan. 

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