Egyptian Belly Dancer Fifi Abdou Insults and Curses Protesters with the Most EGREGIOUS Words!

Published September 24th, 2019 - 07:31 GMT
Egyptian Belly Dancer Fifi Abdou Source fifiabdouofficial Instagram
Egyptian Belly Dancer Fifi Abdou (@Source: @fifiabdouofficial Instagram)

Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou sent a harsh message to protesters in Friday's demonstrations and strongly criticized them, saying that it's wrong to protest in light of the stability the country is witnessing nowadays.

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Fifi's live Instagram video went viral. In it she's seen yelling obscene words and cursing at those who participated in the demonstrations last Friday. She rejected their actions and voiced her disapproval through profanity directed at those who participated.

Abdou reminded her audience of what happened in that last demonstrations, referring to encroachments and sabotage. She directed her words at specific prominent politicians and said that it would be a mistake to follow them.

Opinions of Fifi's followers varied. Some were supporters and others opposed  the content of her video. She was also subjected to some attacks from her followers on Instagram.

Most of the comments stated that it is not acceptable for Fifi to resort to such language, given the fact that she is a public figure, and that she does not provide any value to her followers by using profanity.

Many criticized her for not knowing politics, wondering why she commented at all, and some have also accused her of pulling a publicity stunt to draw attention to herself. 

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