Egyptian Censorship Censors Nothing!

Published November 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

For the first time ever, the Egyptian Censorship Department has decided to refrain from editing any scenes from this year’s Ramadan lineup. 

Meanwhile, the hectic times have placed the office in somewhat of a state of emergency, whereby it is expected to finalize preparing the series for Arab world release within the first few days of Ramadan. 

According to Al Masa’a newspaper, this emergency state has prompted the cancellation of all vacations for all employees and delegation of graveyard shifts. 

Those in charge of viewing were given straight orders to allow complete freedom in the portrayal of social, political and philosophical views. 

Meanwhile, those in charge of the process are facing a big problem with series that have not been completed yet; especially since most of these productions are very important. 

The highly anticipated Faten Hamama/Ahmad Ramzi series, Wajh El Qamar (Face of the Moon), for example, is only 5 episodes into the story. 

Furthermore, another sure hit, Zizinia II has only completed 6 episodes. 

However, on a good note, two series, Al Bahar Mandi (Sailor Mandi) and Al Hassan Al Basri (name), have been completed and left intact. – 

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