Is Elham Shahin pulling a Fadel Shaker on us by launching her own "Islamic TV channel"?

Published January 21st, 2014 - 10:00 GMT
Elham has often criticized the Muslim Brotherhood for the actions she opposes them for. (Image: Facebook)
Elham has often criticized the Muslim Brotherhood for the actions she opposes them for. (Image: Facebook)

Did Elham Shahin tell a French radio station that she’ll be launching her own religious TV station? According to the Egyptian actress, that’s so false!

Despite recent news reports claiming that Elham is thinking of launching a TV channel to teach the “proper teachings of Islam,” Elham said that she isn’t thinking of taking on such a career move!

According to Elaph news, during a telephone interview with the veteran actress, Elham denied holding an interview with “Radio France,” where she supposedly announced the news. She further pointed out that any press statements she makes in foreign media are the same as those she makes in Arab media as well.

It was only last March that Elham slammed the ruling Islamists’ decision to block access to the media production zone in Cairo.

She told Al-Arabiya that she is not scared of anyone and that no one can prevent people from entering the media production zone or affect the Egyptian media.

“Islamists will not be able to prevent me from entering the production zone. They are merely a bunch [of people] seeking to market themselves and their group. I do not take them into consideration at all,’ Shahin said.

She also said that the production of televisions series will not be affected, adding that security must be imposed to put an end to government Islamists’ disturbing acts.

Shahin has several times criticized the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood which came to power following a revolution that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011.


In other news, Elham revealed that she’s currently working on a new TV drama series with controversial director Enas Al Dughaidi. The new drama, “Ightirab Atifi” (An Emotional Alienation), will air in Ramadan of this year.

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