Cat fight! Elissa and Haifa get nasty on Twitter

Published July 2nd, 2012 - 09:50 GMT
Haifa and Elissa get catty
Haifa and Elissa get catty
So perhaps you thought that the fight between the two Lebanese stars had simmered down but you'd be wrong! It turns out that the reconciliation two years ago between Elissa and Haifa Wehbe wasn't really taken to heart and they are back at each others' throats. 
It all started when Haifa decided she didn't like Elissa's new album 'The Happiest One.' Fair enough, perhaps, but when a fan asked Elissa about it on Twitter, she was clearly annoyed.
Elissa tweeted that Haifa had criticised the new release "Because she loves me." But Haifa thought this meant war and replied by saying: "Elissa honey, don't start this with me, I don't retweet negative comments, it's not my problem if people lie to you, your love is obvious and clear."
So looks like it's handbags at dawn as the two divas battle it out online. Watch this space. 

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