Embrace Africana culture at the upcoming Luxor African Film Festival

Published February 7th, 2017 - 08:58 GMT
Festival takes place on 10 March. (Scoop Empire)
Festival takes place on 10 March. (Scoop Empire)

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Attention culture vultures of Egypt as the sixth edition of Luxor African Film Festival returns to, well, Luxor on March 10th. The official ceremony where things are going to get down and crazy are going to be held on March 16th in the Habu Temple. 


Luxor African Film Festival aims to shed some light on the African films that tend to ignore. It’s a celebration of art and culture. 126 films are expected to participate this year. 3ara2 El Balah (The Sweat of the Dates), El Momya (The Mummy) are both Egyptian films that are going to take part of this beautiful festival.


Saad Farouk, Chairman of the LAFF, announced on the festival’s official website that the preparations will start in a couple of days. Egyptian director Yossry Nasrallah, Egyptian actress Nelly Karim, Moroccan actor Mohamed Moftah, Mauritanian director Abderrahman Sissak, and everyone’s favorite hero Essam El-Hadary are expected to attend.

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The Governor of Luxor, Mohamed Badr, expressed how honored he was to host this festival. “We’re very honored and can’t wait to provide all the support we can to make this festival happen. This means a big deal to us as it’s an important link between Egypt and Africa and it shows the beauty and history of Luxor as well.”

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