Cairo gets international for new exhibition

Published January 9th, 2013 - 11:20 GMT
An art work by David Roberts
An art work by David Roberts

6 Contemporary Arts Gallery will present a series of talks alongside an exhibition showcasing the works of Scotish artist David Roberts and American photographer Barry Iverson this month.

David Roberts (1796-1864) was a prominent Orientalist painter best known for his series of lithograph prints depicting Egypt and the Middle East, produced during a two-year tour of the region. He also produced oil paintings that depict similar subject matter.

Roberts sailed to Egypt in the summer of 1838, eager to find inspiration in the “exotic” East. Until 1840, he visited Lebanon, Sinai, Jordan, and the Holy Land, producing a large body of artwork on his journey.

Some of Roberts’ lithograph prints will be showcased alongside photographs by Barry Iverson, an American photographer whose work has appeared in major publications including TIME Magazine, National Geographic, New York Times. He is a long-time resident of Cairo.

Barry Iverson will exhibit a series of photos entitled 'The Tour', in which he depicts Egypt “through the eyes not only of those visiting, but also those who fell in love with the country and stayed.”

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