The confusing saga continues: Don't believe everything you read about Fadel Shaker

Published January 14th, 2014 - 09:28 GMT
Fadel Shaker's drama continues (Image: Facebook)
Fadel Shaker's drama continues (Image: Facebook)

“99% of news circulated is not true and it is disappointing that the media does not validate what is being written,” Tweeted highly controversial and slightly cray-cray Fadel Shaker. The ex-pop singer turned religious zealot had reportedly been arrested and sentenced to death, but the story has not been confirmed by official government agencies and is adamantly denied by the celebrity jihadist.

Sources from Lebanese press stated that Fadel was not arrested, but rather gave himself in to the military and is currently being questioned for charges against him like taking part in terrorist acts against Lebanese soldiers. Other sources stated that Fadel is not in custody at all and remains at the Ein El Helwa refugee camp.

The channel ‘Al Mayadeen’ had confirmed the news of the arrest, but concert agent Emad Qanso, who was very close to Fadel stated that the news are mere lies and Fadel is still a free man.

According to, it was said that Fadel was arrested by the military when he left the heavily secured Helwa Camp. The source behind the spread of this rumor began through SMS messages created by anonymous individuals.

With such conflicting reports, what can we believe?

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