Faiza Ambah's new film 'Maryam' screens in Jeddah

Published July 8th, 2015 - 09:27 GMT

“Maryam”, a francophone film directed and written by Saudi filmmaker Faiza Ambah, was screened at the French Consul General’s house in Jeddah on Sunday.

The short movie, which is around 44 minutes long, centers around a girl named Mariam who is born in France and is of Arab origin.

The film explores how the veiled girl reacts after France passed a law banning religious symbols in public schools.

The movie is in a French with English subtitles and was shot in France. The film was produced by SilverGrey Pictures Company in Jeddah and French producer Jerome Blatrak from Bizibi, a French production company.

After the film screening, Ambah talked about the importance of making films that address issues faced by Muslims and Arabs globally.

Ambah has a background in journalism - she was Gulf Correspondent for The Washington Post before leaving in 2009 to focus on filmmaking.

Her scripts have been supported by the Sundance Institute through the Rawi Screenwriter’s Lab in Jordan, the Dubai International Film Festival and the Doha Film Institute.

She was a jury member at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai in 2013 and organized a festival of Gulf Films at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, France the same year.


FOLLOWING FILMMAKER FAIZA AMBAH from Doha Film Institute on Vimeo.

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