Famous Turkish Chef Surprises Yara at her Home.. Find Out who he is!

Published September 30th, 2019 - 09:06 GMT
Yara appeared with the famous Turkish chef Burak Source yara Instagram
Yara appeared with the famous Turkish chef Burak (Source: @yara Instagram)

It seems that Lebanese singer Yara loves to follow celebrities and take pictures with them, be it with stars from the art world, sports and now even the culinary field. 

After taking a picture of the famous footballer Messi and posting it on her Instagram, she appeared with the famous Turkish chef Burak, who recently arrived in Beirut.

Yara posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption: "And this morning we say good morning with a surprise, and suddenly look who surprised and enlightened me by visiting me at home. The sweetest, coolest and strongest."

She continued jokingly: “God I'm confused what to cook for him, I do not know how to impress him, what do you suggest I cook for him? Thank you Chef Burak for your visit."


وصبحيّه لنصبّح عليكم بمفاجأة🙋‍♀ وفجأة شوفوا مين فاجأني ونوّرني بزياره عندي بالبيت😍 أحلى وأهضم وأقوى👨🏻‍🍳👌🏻 والله محتارة شو إطبخلو على الغدا🙄 مش عارفه شو بس بدّي إبهروووووووووو شو بتقترحوا ممكن اطبخلو؟؟🤔😹 شكراً "شيف بوراك" لزيارتك🤗 نوّرتني وأسعدتني😄👍🏻 #يارا #شيف_بوراك #يارا_لوفرز Look who’s in town😍 Thanks for your Visit the best Chef ever @cznburak 🤗👌🏻😌 Always a pleasure meeting you😄💙 #chefburak #best #chef #home #beirut #Yaralb_lovers #Yara

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