Famous Turkish Singer Slaughtered On Stage

Published October 5th, 2022 - 07:06 GMT
 Famous Turkish Singer Slaughtered On Stage
The singer was killed for not singing a song
A Turkish singer got slaughtered on stage earlier this week.

Turkish singer Onur Şener sadly got killed over a song while performing on stage. 

Onur Şener was performing on stage in Ankara, when three men walked into the night club where the singer was singing, and the guys asked Onur Şener to sing a particular song. 

Onur Şener replied that unfortunately he doesn't know the song, and he does not have the lyrics memorized thus he is unable to sing it. 

The encounter led to an outbreak of a verbal argument, which later turned into a bloody battle resulting in Onur's death.

The sources reported that the men cut off Onur's neck with a piece of broken glass, possibly from an alcohol bottle. 

One of Onur's friends said that what happened was painful, he added that they just came out to have fun and ear dinner, and that the night was just getting started.

Onur's friend said: ''first, a group came in, then there was an argument, at that moment, Onur was covered in blood'' He added: ''they tried to stop the bleeding from the cut in his artery, soon after, police arrived on the scene and arrested people involved.''

Onur Şener
Onur Şener and his daughter

Policemen rushed to the scene and arrested a group of people, including the killer, as it turned out that they were government employees, one of whom works for the state company TAI specializing in defense industries, while the other two work for the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The person responsible for the murder, Ilker Karakach, claimed that the late singer cursed them and chased them even though they left the place, and said: “Because I thought Onur would attack the girls, I threw a glass of beer at him. Then, he punched me and we both fell to the ground together.”

Onur Şener
Onur Şener and his family 


He continued, “Onur was on his back, I fell on him and started punching him again. At this time, I had nothing. While I was on the ground, I kicked the lady next to run away from the fight.”

The accused pointed out that he saw his friend's hand bleeding, so he decided to call an ambulance, and immediately went to Onur, and gave those around him his shirt to wrap his severed neck.

On the other hand, one of the men accused his colleague of breaking a beer glass on Onur's head.


By Alexandra Abumuhor


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