Fifi Abdo’s missed calls make death rumors rampant

Published September 3rd, 2013 - 07:39 GMT
Are you for real?! Fifi Abdo frustrated over death rumors (Image: Facebook)
Are you for real?! Fifi Abdo frustrated over death rumors (Image: Facebook)

Perhaps no one stopped to ask if Egyptian belly dancin’ diva Fifi Abdo was busy or out of the country. When she didn’t answer her cell phone due to traveling abroad, the rampant rumors about her death suddenly seemed believable.

Fifi’s daughter Izzat put everyone’s minds to ease when she answered the mass of calls at their home from family and friends to ensure them that her momma was A-ok.

The silver lining in all the chaos? Fifi is happy to hear from so many alarmed loved ones. The down side? Her international cell phone roaming fees are costing her an arm and a leg, but she feels she’s gotta keep answering now to keep everyone’s concerns at bay!

Oh, and just in case you wondered, Fif's trip had been in her plans for months. She assured it wasn't escape from everything going down in her homeland. She stated that she watches events taking place in Egypt by the hour and calls her daughters on a daily basis to make sure they are doing well and safe.

Did you believe the rumor? Why do you think it got started? Please share by commenting below!

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