Fifi Abdo Responds to Criticism

Published February 17th, 2022 - 10:39 GMT
Fifi Abdo Responds to Criticism!
Fifi Abdo-Instagram

Fifi Abdo, posted an Instagram video of her after her sister's recent death, sent a letter of thanks to the audience and fellow artists for supporting her, and revealed her psychological state after her sister's death.

Fifi Abdo published a video on her Instagram account, sent a message to the audience and her fellow artists, and thanked everyone who consoled her from the artists and fans. Fifi Abdo said in the video: “Of course, life must go on, and this is how things are... I thank all the people who consoled me over my sister's death, whether I know them personally or not.

I thank you for your affection, and I thank each and everyone who comforted me in my grief. May God bless my fans, fellow artists, and everyone who was supportive through my moments of sadness, tears, and grief for my sister.


In the video, Fifi Abdo also responded to the criticism of her appearance after the death of her sister, and publishing a video during the mourning period, saying in her message on Instagram: "Of course, when people say they download videos and download things that life must go on, what can we do,  if crying can bring back the dead, I would cry my entire life."

Fifi Abdo had published the news of her sister's death on her Instagram account earlier, and mourned her , saying: "We belong to God and to Him we shall return... Huda passed away to God's mercy, sister of the artist, Fifi Abdo... Please pray for her," and Fifi Abdo received dozens of messages from her artist colleagues consoling her.


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