Old, but Gold: Foo Fighters Return with "Run"

Published June 2nd, 2017 - 09:17 GMT
The Foo Fighters run with the joke. (VEVO)
The Foo Fighters run with the joke. (VEVO)

The Foo Fighters released a video for their newly released single which poked fun at the band's age by placing them in a nursing home.

Frontman Dave Grohl directed the video for "Run," which is expected to be the first release from the Foo Fighters's potential ninth studio album.

"SURPRISE! Run. Our new song," the band wrote. "Turn it up."

The video imagines the band as old men with white hair and long beards performing for a crowd at a nursing home.

As the band begins to play and Grohl sings "run for your life with me" an elderly man leaps off a balcony, inciting a massive brawl between the residents and the nurses.

"Run" is the Foo Fighters' first release since they shared a skit dispelling rumors the band was breaking up following Grohl's solo performances at the Grammys and Academy Awards in 2016.

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