Ghada Abdelrazek's Video is Corrupting Children Say People Sharing Video

Published July 10th, 2017 - 07:07 GMT
Abdelrazek, left. (Instagram / ghadaabdelrazek)
Abdelrazek, left. (Instagram / ghadaabdelrazek)

Ghada Abdelrazek has gone to trial for indecency against “public morals.”

The actress stoked public outcry when she appeared in “skimpy” clothing during a live-stream on Instagram, talking in bed in nightwear. She appeared intoxicated. This, according to Egyptian authorities, broke Article 178 of the Penal Code—ratified in 1937.

If found guilty, Abdelrazek faces up to a year in prison.

Last Tuesday, the actress again live-streamed a video, in which she apologized for the video, adding that she was medicated at the time. She further apologised for her immediate reaction following the video going viral: claiming the video was fake, which she said she did following advice from loved ones.

But therein lies the real heart of the story: the video going viral. Investigating the Arab world’s obsession with scandal goes beyond the scope of this news update, but there is something to be said for gleefully sharing something scandalous, and landing a woman in trouble for it, while simultaneously lamenting—indeed attack—Abdelrazek for creating it and introducing it into the public consciousness. A more enlightened age would have ignored this incident completely.

As it stands, a woman might be going to prison because people are hypocrites.

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