Gigi Hadid Looks Unrecognisable in Vogue Italia Cover

Published May 3rd, 2018 - 10:15 GMT
New cover: Gigi Hadid confused fans when she posted the new May 2018 issue of Vogue Italia, on which her appearance is dramatically different to usual (Source: Vogue Italia)
New cover: Gigi Hadid confused fans when she posted the new May 2018 issue of Vogue Italia, on which her appearance is dramatically different to usual (Source: Vogue Italia)

Vogue Italia have been accused of using 'black face' on a cover image of US model Gigi Hadid.

Confused fans asked why the May 2018 cover image looked 'nothing like her', suggesting that her appearance had been digitally altered and even darkened, when the blonde fashion model shared a sneak peek on Instagram on Thursday morning.

Shot by acclaimed American photographer Steven Klein, the photo shows a heavily-bronzed Gigi, 23, sharing the cover with male model Justin Martin.

Now featured on 27 Vogue covers, and with brother Anwar and sister Bella both also in the industry, catwalk star Gigi has one of the most recognisable faces in fashion.

Even US Vogue's sister publicationTeen Vogue published a damming article questioning Gigi's skin tone on the cover, following a sneak peek on Wednesday.

MailOnline has reached out to Vogue Italia for comment.

Fashion model Gigi's mother Yolanda Foster is Dutch, while her father Mohamed is of Palestinian descent, though commenters on Gigi's proud Instagram post were vocal about the model's very different appearance.

'Looks like a completely different person,' said one fan in the comments section, while another agreed: 'This is not you...'

'I didn't even recognize you,' said another fan, and: ''Why doesn't this look like you lol.'

'What the f**k is this?' said another and one other added: 'Completely different person.'

Some called out the overuse of Photoshop, suggesting that Gigi's appearance had been digitally altered.

One said: 'She looks kinda weird, the Photoshop guys should be fired,' and another said: 'Too much Photoshop. Doesn't even look like u.'


Who is she? Commenters on Gigi's Instagram post were confused by her very different look

What the heck: The magazine was also accused of using 'black face'


Edits: Gigi's fans appeared disgruntled that she no longer looked like herself

'So much photoshop, doesn't even like you,' came another confused fan.

However, others were concerned that the colour of Gigi's skin was darker than her natural, porcellain tone.

'Gigi you are beautiful but the amount of spray tan and Photoshop is ugly,' said one fan.

'Another black face attempt failing miserably,' said another fan, and: ''Kind of, actually really looks like black face. What the heck.'

Editing storm: Memes followed on Twitter, reminding the internet that it's not the first time this has happened to Gigi

One other fan added: 'Why are you photoshopped to appear as a different race.'

There was the suggestion that Vogue Italia should have used a different model.

One comment read: 'Why would they photoshop you into a black model when there are a lot of pretty real black models?'

'If you want a model that tan, choose a different model,' said one fan, while another said she looked more like Beyonce's sister: 'Oh you look like Solanda Knowles here.'

Gigi had shared the cover on Thursday morning, saying she was :'Excited, honored, and grateful to cover @VogueItalia’s May Issue.'

'Thank you so so much for an amazing shoot,' she wrote. 'I am forever inspired by you all !!! & can’t wait to share the full story !! x'

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