Girl on top! Yasmine Raees wins best actress award at Malmo festival

Published October 6th, 2014 - 10:04 GMT
Yasmeen El-Raees in the official poster for the film Factory Girl. (Image: Facebook)
Yasmeen El-Raees in the official poster for the film Factory Girl. (Image: Facebook)

Released in March 2014, Factory Girl by Egyptian director Mohamed Khan is a feature movie about a young woman in a textile factory (Yasmeen El-Raees) who falls in love with her manager, Salah (Hany Adel).

The film has been screened during the fourth Malmo Arab Film Festival which took place between 26 and 30 September and brought El-Raees the Best Actress Award.

Factory Girl, the third collaboration between Khan and scriptwriter Wissam Soliman, deals with interweaving themes and triggers paradoxical emotions. It is about the “rosy” dreams that make life possible, but that are also often crushed by a classist, patriarchal and judgmental society.

Most recently, the committee formed from members of the Egypt Cinema Syndicate has chosen Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl to be the official entry for the Oscar's Best Foreign Language Film 2015, according to the movie's fan page.

During the Malmo festival, Egypt was represented by three movies: Factory Girl, Ayten Amin's Villa 69 and social drama, The Ferry (Al-Me'adiya), directed by Attia Amin.

Features from other Arab countries include Ladder to Damascus by renowned Syrian director Mohamed Malas, Hany Abu-Assad's Palestinian drama, Omar which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2014 Academy Awards and Adios Carmen, a UAE drama directed by Mohamed Amin Benamraoui, among other entries.

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