Give Me My Money! Mohamed Eskandar Pulls out a Gun in a Bank in Lebanon!

Published May 28th, 2020 - 08:00 GMT
Give Me My Money! Mohamed Eskandar Pulls out His Gun in a Bank in Lebanon Who Refused to Give Him His Money

Lebanese singer Mohamed Eskandar, accompanied by two people, went to a bank in the region of Antelias in Lebanon, with the aim of withdrawing an amount of money from his own account, but the bank, due to bad economic conditions going in Lebanon and the policies adopted in recent times, refrained from delivering the required amount, reported

The bank's refusal to deliver Eskandar's money prompted him to use a weapon belonging to one of his companions and point it in the face of the bank employees in front of him, causing a state of panic and fear for both employees and customers.

As a result, one of the bank's employees talked to Mohamed until the arrival of security forces, where the Antelias platoon investigated and opened a record of the incident, but the bank refused to report a claim against the artist Mohamed Eskandar, resulting in his release.

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