Hakim presents Nour El Sherif with songs for days and nights

Published October 23rd, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian pop-singer Hakim has presented Egyptian actor Nour El Sherif with the opening and ending songs for his Ramadan television drama “Eish Ayamak Eish Layaleek” (Live Your Days and Nights). Hakim revealed that the songs are a special gift to the actor and that he will not accept any financial reimbursement for them. 


According to the London based weekly, Laha, the singer added that he considers Nour to be one of his favorite actors and added that the wage given for these songs is nothing compared to that he receives during his concerts.  


Nour had an accident on his way home from shooting the scenes of the drama leading to a broken leg. The actor was forced to wear a cast for twenty-one days in order to heal. Despite being hit by a car and breaking his leg, the actor refused to postpone filming due to the fact that he knows time is critical at this point especially with Ramadan being just around the corner. Nour stressed that his absence from work would mean delaying and so he makes it a point to be the first person in the studios to complete shooting the final scenes of drama. 


Hakim has revealed that he has begun working sessions with director Mohammad Al Najar to place the final touches on his upcoming film “Ali Spicy”, which will mark his debut into the cinema. The singer announced that the filming of scenes is scheduled to take place in mid-December, after being postponed several times by the director for his involvement in other works to be screened during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.  


Hakim stressed that this film will mark his debut in the acting world, and that he does not consider his previous acting experience in the film “Al Hanoon Wal Tabal” as one worth mentioning. In the film “Ali Spicy”, the singer performs the character of Ali Abu Al-Ila who is a student in medicine school but he leaves his studies to be a singer despite his father's refusal.  


Regarding his latest work, Hakim said that he is working on his latest video clip for his song “Ihdarouna Ya Aalam”. Hakim added that he enhanced the Arabic song and made it reach world ears by singing duets with famous world singers like James Brown and Steve Wonder. The singer added that even though he is trying to add a western touch to his songs he criticized video clips and said that he does not like the new video clips where girls show up with seductive dresses and even with belly dancing outfits, he also added that this is against our Arab traditions. –Albawaba.com 

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