Hakim roams Paris, America and Cairo

Published October 1st, 2007 - 10:54 GMT

Egyptian singer Hakim decided to film 5 new video clips from his latest album “Tegi Tegi” (Come..Come). Hakim chose the songs “Ahdeeh” (This is it) and “El Lailah Lailtak” (Tonight is your night) to be filmed in Paris.

 According to Yallabina site, Hakim also plans on traveling to America to film a video clip for the song, which holds the album’s name “Tegi Tegi”. The filming for the clip will take place in Los Angeles. Hakim will sing it as a duet with the American singer Don Alhed.

 On the other hand Hakim made an agreement with both producers Samih Abed El Aziz and Tamer Harbi to film two of his songs in Egypt. The places for the filming will take place in unusual sites that will surprise all viewers. Hakim will be filming in Egypt both songs “Ha’adar Ala Bo’doh” (I can live far away from my love) and “Kalam Fe” (Talk in).

 A large cell phone company is distributing hakim’s newest album, where the company paid a large sum of money to Hakim in advance. This gave Hakim the opportunity to film video clips for his new album.

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