Hala Sedki prepares for Egyptian counter-revolution

Published August 13th, 2012 - 09:27 GMT
Actress Hala Sedki says the Egyptian revolution has left the country in disarray
Actress Hala Sedki says the Egyptian revolution has left the country in disarray
Egyptian starlet Hala Sedki will hang up her acting shoes for a counter revolution. 
During an appearance on Hayat TV's 'Ana wal Asal', sparks flew between the actress and the show's Lebanese host Nishan Dirhatyouyan when a light-hearted chat quickly turned into a politically charged debate between the pair. 
In the interview, Sedki told the host the revolution in Egypt is far from over and warned viewers that the Syrian revolution will end up mirroring the chaos of Egypt.  
And that's not all - the actress went on to criticise Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi for leading the country into disarray. She said he is more concerned with the Muslim Brotherhood than the fate of Egypt: "Drugs are being sold in the streets in Sharm El Sheik and the president is not moving."
In fact, the star is so concerned by the situation in Egypt that she has moved her children to the States. 
In an effort to lighten the tone, Dirhatyouyan asked the actress about her role in Egyptian drama 'Orfah Al Bahar', where she stars alongside popular actor Noor El Sharif. But Sedki threw another political punch when she revealed she had lowered her usual fee for the show in a bid to support the industry in times of strife. 
As for Sedki's notable reputation as the first Egyptian woman to appear on screen in a bathing suit, she says she was first in line to slam the risque shots which she had hoped would be done more tastefully.
When asked about her shock divorce, Sedki exclusively revealed that ending the 15 year marriage forced her to change her religious beliefs but also helped her to find God: "Honesty saves you, you have to trust yourself and rely on the lord."
She says her relationship with her current husband is "one of respect and friendship."
Do you agree with Sedki's views on the Egyptian Revolution? Are her predictions for the Syrian Revolution right?

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