Hala Turk: What makes our "Arab Selena Gomez" a hot commodity?

Published May 11th, 2015 - 10:30 GMT
A screenshot from Hala's latest music video "Live in the Moment." (YouTube still)
A screenshot from Hala's latest music video "Live in the Moment." (YouTube still)

We haven't heard from cheeky little monkey Hala Turk in a while now, but it's because the Bahraini singer has been busy basking in the success of her latest music video "Live in the Moment."

The 12-year-old singer has managed to bring a smile to millions of people's faces with her original singing style and positive lyrics.

"Live in the Moment" has so far fetched over 11 million views since its release back in January. But this doesn't come as a surprise to Miss Turk; her video "Happy Happy" was viewed over 82 million times, while over 85 million YouTubers watched "Bnayty Elhabooba."

The "Cool" factor!

What makes this young artist so special? For starters, her peers can totally relate to her modern approach to music and lyrics, which are often about real-life issues faced by teenagers today.

Many of Hala's songs are sung in both Arabic and English; that's another winning factor, as Arab youngsters use a lot of English vocab in their everyday conversations and are heavily influenced by Western music.

There's also something Selena Gomez-ish about Hala - it's that baby face and those chubby cheeks that they have in common, and the way she's styled in her videos!

If Hala was born in Hollywood, she would have totally taken Disney by storm!

Life is wonderful

"Live in the Moment" was produced by American record producer, songwriter and musician Rodney Jerkins, who has previously worked with the likes of international music icons Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé.

The song encourages everyone to be optimistic, to love life and to "live in the moment." 

As the chorus goes, "Live in the moment, you won't regret it, don't stop, don't quit, just keep going."

You too can "live in the moment" by watching the gleeful video below!

By Arwad Khalifeh

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