Hanan Turk turns down all film offers for Girls Romance

Published April 10th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian actress Hanan Turk has announced that she will not be accepting any new roles until she completes her work in the film “Hub El Banat” (Girls Romance). The actress said she wants to be able to dedicate herself completely for the film. 


According to the UAE based daily, Al Bayan, Hanan stressed that she does not want to be working on more than one film at the same time not wanting to be over exhausted making her incapable of offering her best. 


Hanan had changed her mind on recent decision to back out of the film "Hub El Banat" (Girls Romance) alongside Egyptian actress Laila Ilwi. When Hanan had apologized from being able to accept the role previously, Laila made it a point to personally convince her to rethink her decision and join the crew of the film.  


When Hanan returned to work on the film, she was shocked when everyone began asking her why she had ended her career and chose not to act again. The actress assured everyone that she has made no such decision, but in fact only needed time to relax in order to perfect any new role that is given to her. Hanan will play a major role as the daughter of Ilwi in the film making her decision difficult to continue the film unless a replacement is found.  


Turk has been nominated by director Safwat Al Qishery for the leading part in a new drama series "Al Qarar" (The Decision). The story revolves around how making certain decisions regarding social issues like divorce and separation affect the family circle and especially the children. The series is written by Amirah Abu Al Futouh and costars Egyptian actors Sawsan Badr, Tawifiq Abdul Hamid, Manal Salameh, Said Abdul Ghani, Ulfat Imam, and Shams.  


On a different note, Hanan has regretfully backed out of the film “Ghadab” (Anger) by Egyptian director Yousuf Shaheen for a kissing scene, which she refused to do. In the movie one of the scenes called for an intimate kiss between Hanan and new Egyptian actor Ahmad Yahia.  


Hanan’s refusal to act out the scenes forced her to give up her role in the film. The actress had demanded that the script be changed to exclude the intimate kissing scene, but the director refused any modifications especially being so tight on time.  


Turk first burst onto the scene in 1991, as she co-starred with Nadia Al Gindi and Mahmoud Hemeida in "Raghba Motawahesh" (A Savage Desire). Since then, she managed to make her mark on Arab audiences. The twenty-six year old star was one of three children, managed to enter the acting world after years of intensive ballet courses that got her noticed by film executives. It was not until 1992, in Yousef Shahin's "Al Mohager" (The Emigrant) that Turk's talents became widely popular. -Albawaba.com  

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