Hand on Heart, we love you Olly Murs!

Published April 25th, 2017 - 09:31 GMT
What's not to love about him? (More Matter Jamie)
What's not to love about him? (More Matter Jamie)

Olly Murs has come a long way. Did you know, before becoming one of Britian's current biggest music stars, he used to work in a call centre? He was also a promising football player but injury put an early end to his career. Few fans would know that he holds the Guinness World Record for tea making.

We love the way Olly has shaped his career! Ahead of his concert in Abu Dhabi at the du Forum, Yas Island on Friday, April 28, we let you in on a list of things you would love to know about the young sensation.

Olly's maiden show in Abu Dhabi is part of his 2017 Spring Tour that brings his ultimate chart-topping hits such as Troublemaker, Dear Darlin' and Dance with me Tonight as well as hits from his latest album 24 HRS including Years and Years.

Here's some insight into the Essex-born showman.


Born on May 14, 1984, Olly Murs shares his birthday with Cate Blanchett, Prince Harry and Mark Zuckerberg.


He shares his zodiac sign (Taurus) with Adele, Sam Smith and Enrique Iglesias.


Olly's role models are Michael Jackson and Robbie Williams. He performed a duet with Robbie (Angels) on the UK X- Factor final in 2009.


Olly's trademark hats come from his grandmother. She hand-knits them herself.

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He used to work in a call centre until he thought of becoming a singer and appearing on X-Factor.


Olly has a twin brother called Ben Murs, but he hasn't spoken to him ever since he was forced to miss Ben's wedding because he had to appear on X-Factor.

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 In 2012, Olly released an autobiography Happy Days and the same year, he also went on tour with One Direction.


Olly auditioned for The UK X-Factor in 2009 with Stevie Wonder's Superstition. He was mentored by Simon Cowell and released his selt-titled debut album Olly Murs in November 2010.


He used to play football for Witham Town, but had to give up playing after an injury. Olly is an outspoken fan of Manchester United football team.


Olly holds a Guinness World Record for tea making. In January 2011, Olly and campaigner Alex Loughlin made a staggering 496 cups of tea in 60 minutes setting the world record for the most cups of tea made in one hour.

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