Dubai's winning 'Harlem Shaker' denied entry to claim dream prize

Published April 1st, 2013 - 10:57 GMT
Noora's winning Harlem Shake video.
Noora's winning Harlem Shake video.

A dance fan who won a place to perform alongside ‘Harlem Shake’ creator Baauer in Dubai this weekend did not make it on stage because she was denied admission to the venue.

Competition winner Suzan Ahmed, who arranged for her sister to take her spot on stage, told 7DAYS that her sibling Noora was refused entry to the My Music X Live festival.

Noora, 25, arrived at the event only to be told that she would not be allowed in because the guards did not believe that she was over 21 years of age.

However, Noora said she showed her passport and an email confirmation to security staff at Atlantis, The Palm, where the concert took place.

“We were even on the phone with the coordinators of the festival, who were trying to help but eventually they said there was nothing they could do,” said Suzan, who later complained to both My Music X organisers and Atlantis.

Suzan received a response from both My Music X and Kiss Dubai, the organiser of the contest, where entrants sent in ‘Harlem Shake’ videos.

Kiss Dubai founder Dani Mansour wrote: “We were literally blown up by the security issue which are normal issues here in the UAE, but the abnormal thing was the way that the security at the Atlantis dealt with your sister.

“We tried our best to help but the Atlantis security measures were far beyond our control or with the event organisers of My Music X.”

Meanwhile, a representative from My Music X wrote: “We will lodge a full investigation with all parties involved including Atlantis, the security team and our own staff.”

A spokesperson for My Music X later told 7DAYS that they were told by Atlantis that the identification presented by Noora on Thursday did not belong to her and, therefore, she was not allowed to enter the event.

However, Suzan insisted that her sister had the correct identification.

When contacted by 7DAYS, Atlantis did not respond to a request for comment.

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