Harry Judd's Wife Lonely When He's on Tour

Published November 24th, 2018 - 10:19 GMT
Harry Judd and wife Izzy (Twitter)
Harry Judd and wife Izzy (Twitter)

Harry Judd's wife feels "lonely" when he's on tour.

The McFly drummer and his spouse Izzy have children Lola, two, and Kit, 14 months, together and the 34-year-old musician admitted she finds it tough having to fill the "void" when she doesn't have the 'All About You' hitmaker around to help.


She said: "He's just got back after such a long time on tour and you realise how lonely it is and all the things he actually does around the house.

"I admire parents who are doing it on their own.

"I definitely feel Harry's void when he's not around."

But Izzy is able to seek advice and support from Georgia Jones and Giovanna Fletcher, who are married to Harry's bandmates Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher.

She said: "I was chatting to Georgia and G and we agreed that the most important advice is to trust your own instincts and try not to do what everyone else says you should do.

"Trust that you know your baby and believe in yourself."

And the group love to get their children together for playdates.

Izzy said: "It's surreal seeing all the little ones together. Lola's the only girl but she fights for her place."

Izzy has struggled with anxiety in the past and admitted her problem returned after the birth of her second child.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "When Lola was born, it was just a relief she was here after going through a miscarriage and everything else. My anxiety was good in terms of the fact I only had to focus on her and her needs.

"I wasn't able to look too far ahead because I was just taking each day.

"When Kit was born, my anxiety began to creep back in because I felt overwhelmed by being responsible for two children.

"When he was eight weeks old, he had bronchitis and was in hospital. I went back to doing more mindfulness because it helped me before and has definitely helped me since having kids."

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