Here is Everything You Need to Know About US-Palestinian Model Fai Khadra

Published December 12th, 2019 - 06:21 GMT
Meet Fai Khadra, the US-Palestinian multi-hyphenate doing it all
Meet Fai Khadra, the US-Palestinian multi-hyphenate doing it all
Fai Khadra wears many hats. In addition to being a musician, he also dabbles in modeling, sculptures, DJ’ing and most recently set design

"I’m a textbook Virgo," is one of the first admissions from Fai Khadra when we meet at the Farfetch pop-up at the Sole DXB festival.

For the astrology uninitiated, those born between late August and mid-September are defined as meticulous, conscientious and perfectionist, which Khadra, who jetted to Dubai to DJ at the two-day streetwear event, most certainly is.

But one need not know his star sign to come to that conclusion. Just one glimpse at him — he was wearing cropped jeans and classic white Jordans offset by a bright orange, collared jumper and bleached locks — reveals someone who is obviously down to earth but straight-to-business.

While a quick Google search of the 28-year-old, affectionately known as @yourboyfai to his 742,000 Instagram followers, will show hundreds of headlines revolving around his close friendship with international supermodel Kendall Jenner, there is a lot more to the US-Palestinian talent than simply the people he surrounds himself with.


we don’t date he’s just my date 🖤

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Khadra wears many hats. In addition to being a musician — he is currently working on a debut musical project — he also dabbles in modeling, sculptures, DJ’ing and most recently set design.

He dreamed up the sleek, eye-catching sets for Summer Walker’s “First and Last” tour as well as The Internet’s 2019 Camp Flog Gnaw performance.

For Khadra, set design was a natural transition since it combined both his passions for music and architectonics.

And in addition to his fastidious attention to detail, he holds a degree in architecture, which he obtained shortly after completing his last two years of high school at the American School of Dubai.

One would think that dreaming up spectacular sets, working on new music and installations, and jetting off to far-flung locations for DJ’ing and modeling gigs would be enough to keep someone occupied.

However, the older brother of DJ twins Simi and Haze reveals that he is just getting started, as he has plans to roll out his very own concept soon.

“I find that it’s really hard to find good basics, whether that’s in apparel, beauty or homeware,” Khadra said.

He plans to launch his own label focusing on everyday basics that are super comfortable, expertly tailored and reasonably priced.

At the core of his concept is a commitment to crafting each product from sustainable, organically sourced materials.

Indeed, sustainability holds a very special meaning to the environmentally conscious Khadra, who reveals that for every trip he makes, including his most recent visit to Dubai, he takes steps to offset his carbon footprint by donating to initiatives that plant trees, a gesture also practiced by model Bella Hadid.

A release date has yet to be announced for the new concept, likely because Khadra is also occupied with exploring various creative avenues. But how does he balance it all? 

“For me, it’s really just all the same creative process,” he noted.


Thank you @farfetch for having me @soledxb !!! Was a quick but fun one ❤️ #withFarfetch

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Khadra shares that in addition to exhibitions, music and traveling, his Palestinian roots also inspire his art, despite the fact that he has never had the chance to visit.

“I’m super inspired by the strength and resilience of the Palestinian people,” he muses. “I think they (Palestinians) show so much love and humanity, and I’d love to go. It’s probably one of my top destinations to visit,” he revealed.

As for what is next for the multifaceted creative? “I’m just super blessed that I get to wake up every day and do what I love,” he said. “I hope that I can continue to find interesting ways to be more creative and enlighten the world in some way if I can.” 


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