Hesham Selim is back and better than ever!

Published February 23rd, 2013 - 05:00 GMT
Hesham Selim
Hesham Selim

Following a long break from the public eye, Egyptian actor Hesham Selim is back with a new project. The superstar has decided to take on presenting and has landed his first TV show with Sky News Arabia.

Entitled Hiwar Al Qahira, the weekly programme features live discussions with studio guests on key political, social and economic developments in Egypt and from across the Arab world as seen from an Egyptian perspective.

Debuting last Saturday, the first episode featured an appearance from Egyptian actress Yousra, who happens to be Selim’s sister-in-law.

Speaking of his new gig, Selim said: “This is a new challenge for me and one that I’m very excited about. The Arab world is going through major change and Egypt is at the centre of that change. Joining Sky News Arabia to host Hiwar Al Qahira provides an opportunity to tackle these issues head on and to shed light on the developments that are having such a major impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Egyptians and Arabs.”

Cairo native Selim has been a staple on Arab cinema screens for over four decades and is well respected for his versatility as an actor. His new project has been welcomed by fans after they were left impressed with the first episode.

One fan wrote: “It’s a shame that he hadn’t been working for so long — when a talented actor like Hesham Selim can’t find work in his industry, then who will exactly?” Another added: “Great to see Hesham Selim back on screen — a true Egyptian acting legend.”

Things hadn’t been great for the actor recently. Selim recently opened up to Mona Al Shazly in her talk show Gomla Mofeeda about his relationship with his children.

The father of three daughters confessed that he had been denied the right to see them due to problems with his ex-wife.

Close to tears, he said: “I would grant them my soul. Money means absolutely nothing to me. I just want to see them.”

Catch Hiwar Al Qahira every Saturday at 11pm on Sky News Arabia.

By Rachel McArthur, Special to tabloid! 

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