A humorous review of Tamer Hosny's Eid Al-Adha romcom 'Ahwak'!

Published October 4th, 2015 - 09:33 GMT
Tamer Hosny scored big in his latest film Ahwak. (File photo)
Tamer Hosny scored big in his latest film Ahwak. (File photo)

Did you watch Tamer Hosny's new film "Ahwak" (I Love You) this Eid Al-Adha?

Despite having scored over $1,277,449 USD in its opening weekend, making it the highest grossing film in Egyptian cinema's history, film critic Injy from the web show "Vignette" rated it a total 5 out of 10!

While the romantic comedy's star-studded cast included big names like Ghada Adel, Yasmine Rais, Amal Rizk and Mahmoud Hemida, there was a lot to criticize about its script, decor and acting.

"It's like a long, never-ending music video, but definitely not a film," said Ingy in Vignette's video.

According to her, the film's storylines were all over the place, with no real plot to pin down, adding that the relationship between some of the characters was quite, erm, creepy.

Take that of Hosny's and his onscreen sister Amal Rizk. In one of the scenes, Amal walks in on Hosny painting, they exchange a couple of un-sibling-like smiles before she announces, "If only you weren't my brother, something else would have happened." Say whaaa?

And then there was that other scene with Amal Rizk being creepy again, this time with her onscreen son Ahmed Malek. Ingy describes how Ahmed and Amal touched each other's hands from behind a glass screen, before Ahmed looked at his mum and gestured that he would "put a ring on it." OK, this is beyond creepy!

As for Ahwak's leading man Tamer Hosny, well, Ingy says that his acting was the same old same with no new life injected in his character, joking that the only things different about him were his hairstyle and the "candy crush-colored outfits he sported in the movie."

When it came to Ghada Adel, Ingy was surprised and somewhat disappointed that an actress of her calibre had accepted a role like this one, stressing that her acting abilities and previous roles are way better than this.

We get the casting wasn't spot on, but what about the decor? Ingy said the entire film's set was a "burst of colors," too much everywhere with no balance at all.

She also made fun of the way Tamer's house made it look as if he had woken up in Hawaii, only to find himself in the Maldives when he went downstairs to the living room!

Last but not least was the unorganized display of the film's sponsors, which Ingy says could have been done in a much smarter and tasteful way.

With over 35 thousand FB followers, when it comes to criticizing movies, this funny lady's opinion must really count!

You can watch Ingy's critique (in Arabic) here.

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