"I want my life private and I don't enjoy the spotlight": Kinda Alloush to quit acting?

Published January 27th, 2015 - 09:35 GMT

We think of being an actor as uber glamorous, but forget that they've got to wake up super early, work very long hours and put up with tons of pressure!

That's why we weren't surprised when Syrian actress Kinda Alloush announced her soon-to-come departure from the acting world!

In a "shocking" statement to her fans, the popular actress said, "It's very likely for me to quit, because the pressure in this profession is just overwhelming. The work is fun and the love of people is something that's very important, but competition in this field brings on negative emotions that I dislike. Being under the spotlight makes us subject to a lot of harm."

Many people who find fame later regret it because they're not aware of just how stressful it is to have their lives broadcast to the entire world.

Kinda added, "Many people enjoy being in the spotlight, but I don't. I like my privacy and enjoy going to the supermarket and buying my own groceries without having to put any makeup on. I don't like to be followed around, I like my life to remain private and not owned by everyone. This is hard," reported Laha magazine.

In previous press interviews, Kinda revealed that she's unable to return to Syria and therefore cannot take part in Syrian dramas that are being filmed there, leading her to accept more roles in Egyptian dramas.

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