I'm Not Dead! Jordanian Chef Manal Al-Alem FURIOUS Over Rumors of Her Death & Denies Them Via Live Instagram

Published June 14th, 2020 - 06:17 GMT
I'm Not Dead! Jordanian Chef Manal Al-Alem FURIOUS of Her Death Rumors & Denies Them in Live Instagram

Last Friday, social media  users heavily circulated death news of Jordanian chef Manal Al-Alem.

Not long after the news became trending in the Arab world, Manal herself furiously denied the news via a live Instagram video.

In the five-minute video which she later posted on her feed, Manal reassured her family, friends and fans that she's okay, and what was circulated was only a mean rumor.

Al-Alem started her caption on the video saying: "My death news is false. I'm fine thank God."

She continued: "My beloved followers, please report any page that does not bear the blue mark, and share this video to reassure everyone. Thank you for your love and support to me."

During the video, Manal Al-Alem said: "Please know that I am fine, thank God ... it is a disturbing rumor that bothered everyone and bothered me, personally."

She continued: "Allah is my support, and the best one to handle the people who impersonated me and spread this news in my name. There are a lot of pages out there that carry my name and I invite you to pay attention and verify what they say, because I do not know their purpose in spreading this gruesome news that terrified my family and friends."

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