#InstaFamous: Anonymous Saudi singer finds fame on Instagram!

Published March 31st, 2016 - 01:50 GMT
The young Saudi singer kept her identity hidden but earned millions of followers who fell in love with her voice. (Quotesgram.com)
The young Saudi singer kept her identity hidden but earned millions of followers who fell in love with her voice. (Quotesgram.com)

Meet "Sheme," the "Arab world's Sia" whose 3.5 million Instagram followers have never seen her face, don't know her real name, age, nationality or anything else about her.

Blessed with the voice of an Angel, the young singer found fame after releasing short Instagram videos without ever showing her face.

But the anonymous singing sensation's fans learnt a bit more about their idol after a recent interview with Al Arabiya TV.

Speaking with a Gulf accent, her young voice and innocent nature suggested that she might be in her late teens to early twenties.

Standing in a recording studio with her back to the camera, Sheme said that her goal was to prove a point: you don't need your looks or sexuality to prove that you're talented, all you need is a good voice.

"I'm proof of that," she told the TV presenter.

Popular singing competition The Voice is also proof of Sheme's theory, seeing as contestants are judged on their voice, before the celebrity judges see what they look like.

But will Sheme follow in British singer Sia's footsteps and reveal the woman behind the voice (Sia hid her identity by wearing large wigs that covered her entire face)?

That's a resounding no!

Sheme told the interviewer that "it's impossible for me ever show my face." But there's a silver lining here as the artist says she's willing to disclose personal information about herself in the future. Bingo!

While many speculate that Sheme's "Saudi" origins and conservative background are the reasons she hides behind the mic, she insisted that her family have no say in a decision that she made based on her own conviction. 

In-between singing for the viewers at home, Sheme answered more detailed questions about her music venture, telling the presenter that singing has become a full-time job for her - and a profitable one, as well!

The business savvy Sheme said that she is using her newfound fame to her advantage.

She gave viewers a sneak peek of her upcoming single, which she had produced and distributed using her own money. 

A fabulous lady like Sheme surely must be off the market, no? That's a question the singer hesitated to answer, but knowing that her male fans were dying to know whether she had a ring on her finger, she let them breathe a sigh of relief by announcing that she is "too young to be married."

Sheme has a bright future ahead of her, but what is she planning on doing once this fast-paced generation moves on to something more exciting than Instagram? 

She says that Instagram isn't the only social media platform on her business agenda, adding that she has plans for releasing music on other outlets, while expecting her fans to follow her wherever she goes "if they really love my work and what I do."


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