Instagram Heaven: Dubai's Tania TeaHouse

Published April 9th, 2018 - 07:47 GMT
Courtesy Facebook
Courtesy Facebook

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People won’t just be standing in long queues trying to sneak a few pics for this Instagrammable haven, but will also be craving their chai and unicorn-ish menu. At Tania’s Teahouse, tea comes in a wide selection of flavors. They even have a special gift shop for tea-themed accessories and goodies. As for coffee lovers, don’t fret! You can indulge your daily dose of caffeine with a super cute stencil on top. The menu also involves delicious desserts, light snacks, and meals.


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If you’re wondering who’s behind this brilliant spot, it’s Tania Lodi. She’s the millennial entrepreneuress who turned her dream teahouse into reality. Tania brought her tea obsession and her immersion in café-culture during her university days together to come up with her new concept.

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